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"As a pioneer in developing software products for managing multi vendor distributed networks, ZoxSoft Corporation strives to develop innovative solutions and provide technical services that satisfy our customers' evolving needs. We strategically partner with our customers to provide long-term value added business solutions. Our hallmark is innovation; we use leading edge technology in developing applications for the telecommunications industry. Our employees are our strength; we are proud of our successful track record and will work relentlessly to seek perfection in what we do while maintaining an environment of growth and creativity for our employees. We are a part of the community, and will continue to contribute to the economic strength of society."

Our values

Our first responsibility is to our customers and all others who use our products and services. We are a customer-focused organization whose highest priority is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. ZoxSoft values its relationship with its many business partners and acts with integrity in fulfilling its commitments of providing highest quality products with flexible customization capabilities.

ZoxSoft is a pioneer in developing extremely efficient and flexible software solutions for business oriented applications ranging from network management to online access policy management. We are in the business of finding and developing new solutions for the internet market, to distribute and market those solutions, and to provide dependable services to customers at reasonable prices. We provide our customers in the internet industry with the highest quality, value added business solutions that will improve time to market, reduce costs, and increase flexibility, productivity, and profitability.

We are dedicated to achieve total success in our field as one of the top competitors. Our main emphasis is on the US and international market.

ZoxSoft's utmost concern is for survival, growth, and profitability. In this respect, we will continue to perform our operations prudently and will provide the growth and profits that will assure our ultimate success, while ensuring financial stability and competitive pricing.

We are in the business of applying the latest state of the art technologies in our research for new products and in the development of the existing ones.

ZoxSoft pioneers new approaches to find innovative ways to use leading edge technologies to expand our expert solutions to their full potential.

We are a part of the community and we shall contribute to the economic strength of society and function as a good corporate citizen on a local, state, and national basis in the USA and all other countries where we do business.

We believe that our employees are our strength. We shall continue recruiting, training, developing, motivating, rewarding personnel of exceptional character, creative ability, and dedication by providing excellent working conditions, good management for achievement, rewards on the basis of performance, an attractive benefits program, potential for advancement, a high degree of employment security, and social stability.

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